50 Fruits Basket Quotes From Anime Series The Manga

Fruits Basket Quotes, The world of anime and manga is vast, with stories that touch the heart and soul. Among these, Fruits Basket stands out not just for its captivating narrative but also for its profound quotes that resonate with readers and viewers alike. Dive deep with us as we explore the essence of Fruits Basket Quotes and their significance in our lives.

Fruits Basket Quotes

“I’m so grateful. Even though I’m full of flaws, you’ve never once treated me as if I were worthless.” – Tohru Honda

Fruits Basket Quotes

“Because when you’re miserable, you need someone more miserable than yourself.” – Shigure Sohma

“No matter how deep the darkness, a light shines within.” – Kyoko Honda

“It’s because you’re here that I’ve gotten this far. That’s why I’ll protect you.” – Kyo Sohma

“Even if we part ways, our feelings for each other will remain forever.” – Yuki Sohma

“People are not born strong or weak. It’s something you have to work on every day.” – Hatori Sohma

“The things that hurt us… are the very things that make us stronger.” – Kureno Sohma

“I think that maybe sometimes we just have to do the best we can.” – Kagura Sohma

“I want to apologize to you… for not realizing you were suffering.” – Arisa Uotani

“It’s alright. I don’t need a reason to love you.” – Momiji Sohma

“Even if we’re apart, I’ll always be with you.” – Kisa Sohma

“You have to keep living. If you don’t, then everyone you’ve ever cared about will lose their purpose for living too.” – Hatori Sohma

“If you give up, that’s the end. That’s the end of the chance to change yourself.” – Tohru Honda

“In my heart, I am always with you.” – Rin Sohma

“People are like water. They have the ability to take on any shape.” – Akito Sohma

“To lose something is to gain something else.” – Haru Sohma

“It’s hard when you want to say something, but you don’t know if you should say it or not.” – Hiro Sohma

“Even if I’m left alone, I’ll still be fine.” – Ayame Sohma

“It’s not weakness; it’s the truth.” – Rin Sohma

“When you love someone, you become their umbrella.” – Tohru Honda

“It’s okay to let yourself be weak sometimes.” – Tohru Honda

“You don’t need a reason to like someone.” – Kisa Sohma

“If you want to hold on to something, you have to let it go.” – Yuki Sohma

“Don’t apologize for being who you are.” – Kyo Sohma

“The future is what you make of it.” – Shigure Sohma

“Being kind is the most important thing.” – Tohru Honda

“It’s hard to understand people, isn’t it?” – Momiji Sohma

“You can’t change the past, but you can learn from it.” – Hatori Sohma

“Even if it’s painful now, it will get better.” – Arisa Uotani

“Being with the people you love makes you strong.” – Kagura Sohma

Fruits Basket Quotes

“Sometimes, words aren’t enough.” – Tohru Honda

“The past is the past. It’s okay to look forward.” – Yuki Sohma

“We’re all connected, even if it’s just by a fragile thread.” – Kureno Sohma

“Don’t lose sight of who you are.” – Kyo Sohma

“Every person has their own path to walk.” – Shigure Sohma

“Even if the world falls apart, I won’t let go of your hand.” – Momiji Sohma

“The smallest things can have the biggest impact.” – Hatori Sohma

“Sometimes, silence says more than words ever could.” – Rin Sohma

“True strength is knowing when to ask for help.” – Ayame Sohma

“The heart knows what it wants, even if the mind doesn’t.” – Tohru Honda


Fruits Basket is not just a tale of fantasy; it’s a reflection of life’s myriad emotions and experiences. Fruits Basket Quotes serve as poignant reminders of the beauty and complexity of the human journey.

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