Jul 202011

The English dictionary defines opportunity as a favorable time, situation or a condition to achieve a goal. Success in any calling depends upon seizing the opportunity by the throat. Whatever your dream: seize every minute, every opportunity, every chance to make it possible. That is the only way to be successful. You must remember that everyday brings with it opportunities, an opportunity to chase your dreams, an opportunity to be courageous, an opportunity to make friends and an opportunity to love.

 To succeed in life you should be able to spot opportunities where others only see obstacles. When faced with a challenging situation seize the chance, do not back away because of little difficulties, face it head on and master the situation. Men are not born great, they become great by the choices they make, by the chances they seize and the opportunities they act upon. Many fail as opportunity is often presented in the form of a difficulty or a set back. It comes to us disguised and is quick to slip away if not acted upon.

Opportunities Opportunity and Success

 How many times have you cried out that you did not succeed as you had no opportunities in life? How many times have you let go of chances because you considered yourselves unequal to the challenge? How many times have you let go of chances because you thought you did not have the necessary skill? What many of us call turning points in our lives are but chances that you have seized or failed to seize. We are presented with opportunities all the time but it is we who fail to seize it and cry that there are no more chances. Seizing your chances and acting upon them though difficult is much better than ending up with grief and regret.

 We complain that there are no opportunities around us. We fail to see the chances around us but dream of possibilities on distant lands. Look around you. What is that you are good at? What can you do better than others? What is that you can do to add value to others lives? There are opportunities where you are. They are all around you. Every small step can lead to bigger and better chances. Do not sit idle and waste your time, seize chances and make the ordinary look great. Great men seize opportunities and trample upon the impossible.

 Do not wait for opportunities but make them .Remember the same chance is never offered twice. Seize the chance, push on and make your life a master piece.

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