Mar 312013

The journey to greatness is not an easy one to make
Total commitment from you it will take
An iron will and a lions courage is what you need
So that on the journey you do not concede

The road is filled with thorns of obstacles
That will puncture your feet and make you bleed
To all the pain and suffering pay no heed
Let your blood show you the path to succeed

The road is filled with the souls of those who failed
Who will try to drag you down and under
You must fight to save your soul from being jailed
You must not give up even if there is lightning and thunder

To complete the journey you must be ready to pay the price
You must be willing to struggle and to sacrifice
On the way, no matter how many times you fail
In your quest for greatness leave behind a blazing trail

Sep 112012

If only I had been brave
Filled with strength and courage
I wouldn’t have gone to my grave
As a man mediocre and average

If only I had dared
To follow my visions and dreams
In my grave I would have been spared
The regret that my visions were only daydreams

If only I had the nerve
To not give up in difficult times
My life wouldn’t have taken the normal curve
And would have been marked with success lines

If only I had the mettle
To persist until I reached the goal
I wouldn’t have had to settle
For a life mediocre as a whole

If only I had been audacious
To take the path less travelled
I wouldn’t have died as a man anonymous
With dreams unfulfilled and a life failed

If only I had been bold
To fight even in the face of misfortune
My life would have been better manifold
Instead of being filled with lack of fortune

If only I had been fearless
And had conquered all my fears
My life would have been happy and boundless
Instead of ending up in a volley of tears

In the end I realized
That a life without courage is nothing
To be rich, great and immortalized
I had to be strong, fearless and daring

Aug 212012

When struck by defeat and pain
When your every breath becomes a strain
When you have failed a thousand times
Rise, to try once again

When others try to pull you down
In their negative talk do not drown
When people say it cannot be done
Show them you can be stopped by none

When failures shatter your dreams
When difficulties come at you in streams
Stand up and fight by all means
For giving up is not in your genes

When the road seems all dark and gloomy
Let the light from your desire burn bright
Do not let the journey fill you with fright
Persist no matter what your plight

Ignore all the shouting and the pain
Pour your heart and soul again
Do not to be chained by anything or anyone
Realize that you are the chosen one

Let go of all the doubts and proceed
Do not stop even when you bleed
To failures and misfortunes do not concede
Always remember that you are born to succeed